Serving Stillwater OK and surrounding areas since 1990

We sell quality hardwood firewood and can deliver it directly to you!
(Within 5 miles of Stillwater, OK only, please contact us if you need delivery outside of this area)

You choose seasoned, green or a mixture. Seasoned firewood is easy to start but burns faster and green wood is harder to start but burns longer.

We sell firewood by the whole, 1/2 or 1/4 rick. One rick of wood is a stack that is 4' tall by 8' wide. Most of our firewood is approximately 18" long, but we can cut to your specified length. Our firewood is a mixture of types of wood. If you need a specific type there will be an additional cost.

There will be an extra fee for stacking/wheel barrowing firewood more than 50 feet from the truck.
Our firewood lot is located at 3705 S Jardot, Stillwater OK 74074. Please call 405-372-3571 to arrange a pick up time.  

Pricing - Order Online Now 



2 ricks (1/2 cord) picked up $150
1 rick (1/2 cord) straight pecan or fruit wood $85
1 rick (1/2 cord) straight hardwood $80
1 rick (1/2 cord) picked up $75
1/2 rick picked up $45
1/4 rick picked up $30
Delivery Fee on any of the above
(within 5 miles of Stillwater)

Firewood Stack