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Additional Information

We're glad you care about your trees. We have put together a few resources for you to learn more about your trees.

Some Useful Resources

Did you know?

Caring for trees regularly is more cost effective than neglecting them and dealing with the damage. Studies published in the Journal of Arboriculture have demonstrated that it is actually cheaper to regularly prune trees rather than neglecting them, and cleaning up the resulting damage! That is why many cities have tree care crews, or they contract with tree companies, to regularly prune and care for trees.

Trees can increase the value of your property up to 25% percent or more based on the location, species, and condition of the tree.

Trees also have environmental and social benefits. Various studies have shown that trees reduce pollution in many ways, as well as help social behavior improve by raising the self-esteem of neighborhoods.

Find more useful information about trees here.

Want to learn more about the types of trees in your yard? Here are some helpful links to help you learn more about the benefits of trees.
What tree Is That?
Trees are good.

When You Meet With The Arborist

Gather information about the tree care company you are considering: number of years in business, insurance, licenses, etc. Avoid companies that advertise topping, an injurious and unacceptable practice, or very low rates.
Seek recommendations from neighbors, friends or business associates who you know have had professional tree care work done in the past.
You should be aware that the credentials of someone calling himself an arborist can vary widely. Don't just hire someone with a chain saw who knocks on your door!
Ask to see current certificates of liability and workers compensation insurance.
Ask for references, and check on the quality of their work and level of service.
Don't be lured by a bargain and never pay in advance.
Insist on a signed contract listing cost and exactly what is to be done.
Insist that climbing spikes are used only if the tree is to be cut down; they damage the tree.
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